Vibra system srl . High Frequency ibrators for concrete,High Frequency Converters for Concrete. Made in Italy Emirati arabi

VIBRA SYSTEM S.R.L. We are an Italian company and have been producing High frequency Vibrators and Converters for concrete since 1985.

VIBRA SYSTEM has been manufacturing vibration systems since 1985.Quality and reliability represent our company's main goals, alongsideconstant research to provide a technologically advanced product. Thecontinuous business growth generated by new investment in production,attention to the needs of our customers, and the use of a highlyspecialised workforce are the key success factors that have createdour company.We have exclusive distributors in most European countries and in someAsian and Latin American countries too. All the materials used forproduction are of the highest quality and this makes the productslaunched on the market reliable and long-lasting.All VIBRA SYSTEM machines comply with EU regulations, come suppliedwith the operation and maintenance manual and comply with currentstandards.


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